Howl! Art and Activism panel discussion


listen to a community panel discussion @ Howl! festival 2016.

presentations from Cam (Decolonizing Street Art) / Sarah Mangle / Freda Guttman / Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (LOKI), moderated by Stefan Christoff, at le cagibi !

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Freda Guttman is an artist activist whose art practice and activism spans many years. She believes that art is an essential part of the many struggles taking place all over the world, struggles against colonialism, racism, globalized capitalism and all forms of oppression that plague our world.

Cam is a queer textile artist based in Tiotia:ke (Montreal). She has been organizing community art projects around anticolonial struggles, Indigenous resistance and feminist street art. She is the lead organizer of Unceded Voices : Anticolonial Street artists Convergence since 2014. // Cam est une artiste textile queer qui habite à Tiotia:ke (Montreal). Elle a organisé plusieurs projets d’art communautaire autour des luttes anticoloniales, des résistances autochtones et du street art féministe. Elle est l’organisatrice principale du projet Les voix insoumises : Convergence anticoloniale d’artistes de rue depuis 2014.

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Decolonizing Street Art :

The Cabot Square Project :

Sarah Mangle is a white, queer artist, and educator living in Montreal. Sarah’s work has appeared in Carte Blanche, FUSE, Make/Shift, No More Potlucks, Shameless, and Pilot Pocket Book and various zines (Squirrel Grrl, Tourists of the Heart, QueerSafe), among other places. Sarah’s book projects, The Affirmations Colouring Book and The All Ages Colouring Book of Worries and Reassurances are sold in independent stores across North America. She won two 2014 Canadian Labour Media Awards for her Postcards for Postal Workers and The Affirmations Colouring Book made Glad Day Bookstore top 15 non fiction books sold in 2015. Over the last year, Sarah began teaching drawing, portraiture and life model classes out of her home. Sarah is also currently working on a video series about her Grammie called The Halls of Wickwire. You can see the first video here:

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