Guatemala Portfolio

GUATEMALA: ¡Ni perdón ni olvido!

This portfolio of 5 linoleum prints was created and hand printed in 2014 and is based on images from a work I did in the 1980’s – a multi-media installation about the genocide of the Mayan people of Guatemala taking place at that time. The installation was exhibited in 13 artist run centers in Canada. The images are greatly influenced by Goya’s magnificent etchings, “The Disasters of War”.

In the 1980’s, although many knew about the coup against Allende in Chile, very few people in Canada were aware of what was happening in Guatemala. During almost 40 years, over 200,000 Guatemalans were killed or disappeared, tens-of-thousands were forced to flee to Mexico, 1 million were displaced inside the country, and more than 440 Indian villages were destroyed. 75,000 widows and 250,000 orphans survived the carnage. During this time and now as well, the United States government consistently supported the Guatemalan Army and the ruling class in their policies of repression.

Printed in white ink on Black Arches paper, 2014.

Signed edition of 25, each print 11” x 15”

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